YouTube as narrative strategy

Publikation & Essay, 2016

Das Essay YouTube as narrative strategy ist 2016 als Abschlusstext der Publikation The thing is I don’t want to be a studio artist erschienen.

Kurzinhalt Essay: I began watching YouTube videos for research purposes, as I was working on a project that looked into strategies of the organization of the self. Therefore, I focused on formats known as full day of eating, vlog, my workout routine, food haul and empties. It quickly became clear that YouTube, or rather the production of YouTube videos, could be described as a strategy of its own. Based on my initial observations, I started to think of YouTube as a reciprocal narrative. The first three chapters of this essay focus on the reciprocity established by YouTube in its function as a narrative and the resulting meaning from and for its producers. The text then playfully starts to reflect more and more upon the (im)possibility on being an author with a unique voice and new, „own“ content.

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